Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Will Richardson

The idea of this film for me, that the foundation of our educational theories are outdated and thus ought to be changed, is something I carry with me strongly everyday. The way Mr. Richardson presented his information was great, to begin with his daughter playing sloppy piano (to show that she had taught herself with the internet) was fun.

 He made a good effort to make the point that in their pockets, many students have access to '2 billion teachers' (not all of them great teachers, but some of them would surprise some people). Overall, his idea that schools need to change and adapt to better prepare these kids for the world they are entering was killer.

Richardson's other point, the idea that one ought to separate school and test prep in thinking, I found to be just as strong. The visual he showed of the MIT based web site (and others) made it clear that the internet offers students more than ever before, and that they may not even need a teacher (physically) to prepare for a test. In fact, an internet based test prep, most likely, will prepare a student even BETTER than a teacher dealing with many students simultaneously could possibly ever. However, as he implies, school ought not be replaced by test prep as it does not go along with his idea of 'better', or really, what would benefit the school system the most which he believes to be different > better. Or, change that is. Because "Schools in the form that they were constructed are no longer relevant to our kids lives in terms of places to get information and knowledge".

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